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Pamukkale (Cotton Castle) is one of the most enchanting and remarkable sights in the whole of Turkey with the great dazzling white plateau, almost 400 feet high, rising in a curtain of stalagmites and shallow pools, giving one to another on hundreds of different levels, a fairyland of cotton white forms and pale blue water cascading gently down.

The great bath was constructed in the second century and are so well preserved that they now serve as a museum. The impressive and recently restored theatre, The Martyrium of St. Philip, The Apostle of the 5th century, a colonnaded street erected by Domitian, a monumental gate of the same period, another bath and stretching on for over mile, the Necropolis with a fascinating variety of tombs and sarcophagies are the famous monuments of this antique city.

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This tour is operated with minimum 05 participants.

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