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The Anatolian peninsula has been the chosen land over 15.000 years. Hittites, Phrigians, Lidyans, Greeks, Persians, Romans, the Seljuck Turks, the Ottomans, - the worlds major civilizations - all flourished on this land... and, to little surprise!

Surrounded by the Black Sea on the north, Aegean on the west and the Mediterranean on the south, the country has over 7.000 km of shore line, unmatched in beauty. The land gradually rises from sea level on the west, to as high as 5.122 m on the east (Mount Ararat), thus offering an infinite variety of climates and natural resources after by men throughout the history.

This 780.000 square-km peninsula lies by, 97% in Asia and 3% in Europe divided in Istanbul and Canakkale, by the Dardanelles and the Bosphorus with the Sea of Marmara in between.

Also referred to as the Asia Minor, this peninsula is the Republic of Turkey.

Turkey, as the decendent of the Ottoman Empire, is a secular state with population close to 70.000.000. Although 99% of this population is moslem, freedom of worship is recognized to all.

The official language is Turkish of Uralic-Altaic language group thus, close to Japanese, Finnish and Hungarian in structure and sound. Latin alphebet is used. Seconds and third widely spoken languages are English and French and lately, German.

Turkey enjoys an overall mild climate on the north, north-west, west and south of the country. Rainfall is heavily on the north. Central Anatolia is dry and hot in summers and cold in winters with substantial snow fall. Eastern Anatolia may get as cold as -30 C in winters with very heavy snow fall.

This generous land grows everything from wheat, rye, oats to tobacco, cotton, olives to fruits and vegetables. Fish is abundant and breeding livestock, part of life. Thus, Turkey was predominantly an agricultural state with closed economy up until 10 years ago.

A serious shift to free market economy took place in 1983 which seriously changed the composition of the economy. Turkey today is an industrial country by over 60% of their production in industry, mainly in textiles, food, tabacco, machinery, chemicals, cement, iron and steel. The service sector has also boomed within last 10 years giving a way to import, export, banking and, of course, tourism.

To her visitors, Turkey offers beautiful sandy beaches, warm seas, snowy mountains, historical and religious sites, great night life, sports, shopping, bargaining and, of course, a celebrated cuisine... all within world class touristic facilities that will accommodate the visitors the "Turkish Style" meaning, in her traditionally hospitable manner.

Turks love their land and love those who visit them. Visit Turkey, Visit Anatolia, "the motherland" ... it has been and still is!



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